Blot and Front National v Parliament (Rec 1990,p I-2177) (Order): ECJ 23 May 1990

Europa 1 By an application lodged at the Court Registry on 16 March 1990, Mr Y . Blot, a Member of the European Parliament belonging to the Group of the European Right, and the Front national, a non-profit-making association governed by the French Law of 18 July 1901, represented by its chairman Mr Le Pen, sought the annulment, under Article 173 of the EEC Treaty, of three measures adopted by the European Parliament concerning, respectively, the calling of a meeting on 16 January 1990 of the European Parliament’s Interparliamentary Delegation for relations with Switzerland, the procedure for the appointment of the chairman of that delegation, and the appointment on 16 January 1990 of G. Topmann as chairman of the delegation.
2 By a separate document lodged at the Court Registry on the same date, the applicants also applied, pursuant to Article 185 of the EEC Treaty and Article 83 of the Rules of Procedure, for interim measures suspending the operation of the three contested measures until such time as the Court had given its ruling on the main application.
3 The defendant submitted its written observations on 20 April 1990. The parties presented oral argument on 14 May 1990.
4 However, by an order of 22 May 1990 made pursuant to Article 92(1) of the Rules of Procedure, the Court dismissed the main application as inadmissible.
5 The application for interim measures is therefore inadmissible and must be dismissed.




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