Barlow v Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council: CA 1 Jun 2020

Presumption of dedication dates back.

The claimant tripped over a tree root raising a path in the park. The court was now asked whether the pathway through a public park, but which was not a public right of way, was maintainable at public expense as a highway governed by the 1980 Act.
Held: As to the capacity in which the authority acted in creating the park and the paths: ‘It may well be true that for the purposes of the law of contract a local authority is a single body corporate. But it does not follow that it is indivisible for all purposes. To take only one example, a council which is both housing authority and planning authority is not exempt from the need to obtain planning permission if it wishes to construct new housing. On the capacity issue under s 36(2)(a) of the 1980 Act I entirely agree with the reasoning and conclusions of Neuberger J.
There is, moreover, a further ground . . on which I would hold that s 36(2)(a) should be construed to refer only to highways constructed by a highway authority acting in their capacity as such, namely that as a provision in a consolidating Act it was not intended to change the law.’
One issue was whether the path became, a highway before the date on which ss 47-49 of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949 came into force. It did not, and the claimant could not succeed under s 36(2)(a) of the 1980 Act, because when Abram constructed the Path they were not acting in their capacity as the highway authority for the area.
However, the paths had become public footpaths under the common law implication or presumption of dedication. Under that doctrine, the path was dedicated at the outset, which date was before the 1949 Act, and accordingly was maintainable at public expense, and the Council’s appeal was dismissed, albeit on different grounds.

Lord Justice Bean
[2020] EWCA Civ 696, [2020] WLR(D) 313
Bailii, WLRD
Highways Act 1959, Highways Act 1980 36(2) 41, National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949 47, 48, 49
England and Wales
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Appeal fromBarlow v Wigan Council QBD 19-Jun-2019
Responsibility for personal injury after trip over a tree root on a path in a park owned and maintained by the Council. The Court was now asked whether the public footpath was a highway under the 1980 Act for which the council was responsible for . .
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