Attorney-General v Times Newspapers Ltd: HL 1991

Injunctions had been granted to preserve the status quo in proceedings brought to prevent the publication of the book ‘Spycatcher’. The defendants published extracts, and now appealed a finding that they had acted in contempt.
Held: The contempt was established. The publication had the effect of prejudicing the purpose of the trial. The actus reus of interfering with the administration of justice had been complete, and the necessary elements of contempt were established. It was an independent contempt of court to do an act which deliberately interferes with the course of justice by frustrating the purpose for which the order was made.
Lord Oliver of Aylmerton said: ‘Once the conclusion is reached that the fact that the alleged contemnor is not party to or personally bound by the court’s order then, given the intention on his part to interfere with or obstruct the course of justice, the sole remaining question is whether what he has done has that effect in the particular circumstances of the case.’


Lord Oliver of Aylmerton


[1992] 1 AC 191, [1991] CLY 2809, [1991] 2 WLR 994


England and Wales


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The appellants were magazines and journalists who published, after committal proceedings, the name of a witness, a member of the security services, who had been referred to as Colonel B during the hearing. An order had been made for his name not to . .

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