Asia Motor France v Commission (Rec 1990,p I-2181) (Order): ECJ 23 May 1990

Europa Action for failure to act – Natural and legal persons – Failure to act as ground of action – Failure to initiate Treaty infringement proceedings – Inadmissibility
(EEC Treaty, Art 169, second paragraph, and Art . 175, third paragraph)
Action for damages – Subject-matter – Claim for compensation for damage caused by national authorities acting in breach of Community law – Jurisdiction of the national courts
(EEC Treaty, Arts 178 and 215, second paragraph)
Procedure – Division of jurisdiction between the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance – Application made by a natural or legal person under the third paragraph of Article 175 of the Treaty and concerning the implementation of the competition rules applicable to undertakings, together with an application for damages – Referral to the Court of First Instance
(Council Decision 88/591, Art. 3(1)(c) and Art. 3(2); Statute of the Court of Justice of the EEC, Art. 47, as amended)


C-72/90, [1990] EUECJ C-72/90




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