Ashcroft v Barnsdale and Others: ChD 30 Jul 2010

The parties sought to rectify a deed of family arrangement varying a will. The variation deed had had several mistakes which in fact increased the sum of Inheritance Tax owed. HMRC refused to accept the rectification deed unless approved by the court.
Held: The request for rectification was granted. The claimant had demonstrated a specific common intention as to how the parties’ fiscal objectives were to be achieved; and that, owing to a mistake in the way in which that intention was expressed in the Deed of Variation, effect had not been given to that intention.
Hodge J QC said: ‘The court cannot rectify a document merely because it fails to achieve the fiscal objectives of the parties to it. A mere misapprehension as to the tax consequences of executing a particular document will not justify an order for its rectification. The specific intention of the parties as to how the fiscal objective was to be achieved must be shown if the court is to order rectification. The court will order the rectification of a document only if it is satisfied by cogent evidence (sufficient to counteract the effect of the parties’ subscription to the relevant document) that: (1) the document does not give effect to the true agreement or arrangement between the parties, and (2) there is an issue, capable of being contested, between the parties; it being irrelevant, first, that rectification of the document is sought or consented to by all of them; and, secondly, that rectification is desired because it has beneficial fiscal consequences. Conversely, the court will not order rectification of a document if the parties’ rights will be unaffected, and if the only effect of the order will be to secure a fiscal benefit for one or more of them.’
References: [2010] EWHC 1948 (Ch)
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Judges: Hodge J QC
Statutes: Inheritance Tax Act 1984 211
Jurisdiction: England and Wales
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