Arshad and Others (Tier 1 Applicants – Funding – ‘Availability’ : Pakistan): UTIAC 27 Jun 2016

(i) The effect of the amendment of the regime in paragraph 41/SD of Appendix A to the Immigration Rules via HC628, dated 06 September 2013, is that any application for entry clearance or leave made before 01 October 2013 is to be decided in accordance with the Rules in force on 30 September 2013.
(ii) Every applicant for Tier 1 Entrepreneurial status bears the onus of proving satisfaction of all of the material requirements of the Immigration Rules.
(iii) The Rules stipulate that every Tier 1 Entrepreneurial applicant have available pounds 50,000 to invest in the proposed business venture. ‘Available’ in this context denotes that the applicant must be in a position to invest this money in his business consequential upon a positive decision of the Secretary of State. The clear import of the Rules is that the investment must be capable of being made almost immediately thereafter.
(iv) A mere intention on the part of a Tier 1 Entrepreneurial applicant to invest pounds 25,000 at the outset of the business venture, coupled with a further intention to invest the balance of pounds 25,000 at some unspecified future date from some unspecified source, does not satisfy the Rules.


[2016] UKUT 334 (IAC)




England and Wales


Updated: 31 January 2022; Ref: scu.569343