An Informer v A Chief Constable: CA 29 Feb 2012

The claimant appealed against dismissal of his claim for damages against the police. He had provided them with information, but he said that they had acted negligently and in breach of contract causing him financial loss. The officer handling his case had failed to notify a judge of his involvement and had allowed a case for money laundering to proceed against him. The judge found no contract to that effect, nor any duty to avoid all economic losses.
Held: The claimant’s appeal failed. Arrangements for management of informers were both statutory and by Codes of Practice. They recognised a need to care for the informers welfare, which would include his financial well being, but only so far as his condition was affected by his acting as an informer. There was a duty to the claimant arising out of the proximity of the relationship, which extended beyond his physical welfare, possibly covering his financial welfare and the claim was based on financial loss. However, when considering the scope and extent of the duty, and the standard of care required, the complexity of the situation was to be borne in mind. In the particular circumstances, while there were failings, those failings did not amount to a breach of the duty owed.

Arden, Pill, Toulson LJJ
[2013] QB 579, [2012] EWCA Civ 197, [2012] 3 All ER 601, [2013] 2 WLR 694
England and Wales
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Still good lawWelsh v Chief Constable of Merseyside Police 1993
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The claimant, an elderly lady was bowled over and injured when police were chasing a suspect through the streets. As they arrested him they fell over on top of her. She appealed against refusal of her claim in negligence.
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