AMEC Mining v Scottish Coal Company: SCS 6 Aug 2003

The pursuers contracted to remove coal by opencast mining from the defender’s land. They said the contract assumed the removal first of substantial peat depositys from the surface by a third party. They had to do that themselves at substantial cost. They said the defenders should have issued a variation to allow them to claim the costs. The defenders said it could have been claimed as a quantum meruit.
Held: Quantum meruit was not normally claimable where there was a contract. There was a discretion to issue an instruction to vary and that had to be exercised reasonably. The pursuers averred that the defenders were under an obligation to ensure that their site manager operated the contract properly by issuing the instruction. No such term could be implied.


Lord Carloway


[2003] ScotCS 223






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The defendant had made misrepresentations, inducing the claimant to enter into share transactions which he would not otherwise have entered into, and which lost money.
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Held: . .
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Limits of Damages for Negligent Valuations
Damages for negligent valuations are limited to the foreseeable consequences of advice, and do not include losses arising from a general fall in values. Valuation is seldom an exact science, and within a band of figures valuers may differ without . .
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