Alamieyeseigha, Regina (on the Application Of) v Crown Prosecution Service: Admn 25 Nov 2005

The defendant argued that as Governor and Chief Excecutive of Bayelsa State in Nigeria he had sovereign immunity. The Foreign Office had issued a certificate that the defendant was not a Head of States under the 1978 Act. The A-G of Bayelsa had certified that the defendant was a head of State but the A-G of Nigeria certified that he was not, and also that the A-G of Bayelsa was an accomplice in the transactions underlying the charge.
Held: The claim for sovereign immunity failed. ‘Immunity from criminal proceedings is dealt with in section 20(1) of the 1978 Act, which applies immunity for criminal proceedings to ‘a sovereign or other head of State’ the Nigerian courts themselves had denied the status of the state of Bayelsa as a sovereign state. It would only rarely be appropriate to regard a sub-state is entitled to immunity.


[2005] EWHC 2704 (Admin), Times 16-Jan-2006




Criminal Justice Act 1988 93C(1)(A), State Immunity Act 1978 21


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