Ahmed and Others v Murphy: Admn 10 May 2010

The landlords appealed against the maximum fair rent for premises as set by the Rent Assessment Committee. It had been found to be a capped rent, and set at andpound;8.50 per week. The landlords had wanted above andpound;140.00. The tenant was a protected tenant.
Held: The tenancy was a weekly furnished tenancy granted in 1974 after statutory protection was extended to furnished tenancies. It remains subject to the statutory regime for both protection and rent regulation that is applicable to such tenancies currently set out in the Rent Act 1977. The landlords said that the tenant having refused access to carry out improvements, the rent should be set on the basis that they had been carried out, applying the execption in section 70 of the 1977 Act. However there was no sufficient evidence of access being requested or refused.

Thornton J QC
[2010] EWHC 453 (Admin)
The Rent Acts (Maximum Fair Rent) Order 1999, Rent Act 1977 70
England and Wales

Landlord and Tenant, Housing

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