A and Scottish Prison Service: SIC 5 Mar 2014

SIC Details of items bought and sold – On 23 September 2013, Mr A asked the Scottish Prison Service (the SPS) about the quantities of items bought in from suppliers and sold in the prison canteen on certain dates in July 2013. The SPS released information to Mr A. Mr A complained that some of it was illegible. He also queried whether the information was for the dates he had specified.
Following an investigation, the Commissioner found that the SPS had provided Mr A with all of the information it held and which fell within the scope of his request. The Commissioner commented that the SPS could have been more helpful in its response to his request, but did not require the SPS to take any action, for reasons explained in the decision.

[2014] ScotIC 055 – 2014

Scotland, Information

Updated: 01 December 2021; Ref: scu.522746