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Regina v Palmer: CACD 10 Apr 2002

At his trial the judge had added another defendant to the indictment, on the basis that the indictment was defective under the Act. The defendant appealed his conviction. Held: The word ‘defective’ when used within the section included the idea of ‘lack’ or ‘want’, and such an amendment was permissible where no injustice would be … Continue reading Regina v Palmer: CACD 10 Apr 2002

Mote v Regina: CACD 21 Dec 2007

The defendant appealed his convictions for offences relating to the claiming of benefits, saying that he was immune from prosecution as a member of the European Parliament, and that the verdicts were inconsistent with acquittals on other charges. Held: There had been no abuse of process in prosecuting the defendant whilst he was a member … Continue reading Mote v Regina: CACD 21 Dec 2007

Regina v Stanley: CACD 8 Dec 1998

A count on an indictment alleging VAT offences which included charges both of understating outputs and making false input claims was defective in not allowing a jury to say clearly of which offence the accused was guilty. ‘the Court of Appeal had . .