Port of London Authority -v- David Frank Devere and 7 Others (Rivers, Waterways and Foreshore : Construction of Relevant Legislation); LRA 27-Feb-2013

LRA Rivers, Waterways and Foreshore : Construction of Relevant Legislation – Trial of a preliminary issue as to whether the Applicant can establish documentary title to part of the bed and foreshore of the River Thames; the ‘ad medium filum’ rule; true construction of the words ‘in front of or immediately adjacent to’

Court: LRA
Date: 27-Feb-2013
Statutes: Port of London Act 1908 1 7, Port of London Act 1912, Port of London Act 1968 212 Sch 11, Thames Conservancy Act 1857 50 51, Thames Conservancy Act 1894 58 59, Port of London (Consolidation) Act 1920 7, Crown Lands Act 1702 5, Crown Lands Act 1853 5, Crown Lands Act 1829 8, Law of Property Act 1925 62(3), Poor Law Amendments Act 1868 27
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References: [2013] EWLandRA 2011_0755,

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