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Insurance - From: 1200 To: 1799

This page lists 8 cases, and was prepared on 29 October 2014.

Carter -v- Boehm [1746] EngR 89; (1746-1779) 1 Black W 593; (1746) 96 ER 342 (B)

Insurance 1 Citers
[ Commonlii ]
Randal -v- Cockran (1748) 1 Ves Sen 98

Insurance 1 Citers
An insurer who has fully indemnified an insured against a loss covered by a contract of insurance between them may ordinarily enforce, in the insurer's own name, any right of recourse available to the insured.
Carter -v- Boehm; 1766
Tyrie -v- Fletcher; 1777
L Cras -v- Hughes (1782) 3 Doug KB 81; 99 ER 549

Insurance 1 Citers
Two Spanish register ships had been captured by a squadron of ships of war assisted by men at arms.
London Assurance Company -v- Sainsbury (1783) 3 Dougl 246

Insurance 1 Citers
Grove And Another, Assignees of Liotard, A Bankrupt, -v- Dubois; 31-Jan-1786
Reed -v- Royal Exchange Assurance Co (1795) Peake (Add Cas) 70; (1795) 170 ER 198

Insurance 1 Citers
A wife is presumed to have an insurable interest in the life of her husband.
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